Friday, July 11
July 10, 2014
Sunday, July 13
July 12, 2014


2 Rounds of
8 Opposite Toe Touch to Open-T* (4/side)
8 Cross-Body Spider Lunge (4/side)
8 Supine Scorpions (4/side)
8 PVC Dislocates
8 PVC OHS-Sotts Press

Strength – Snatch (30 min time cap for prep & work sets)
– – Prep – – 
1 x 3 Upright Bar Row + 3 Hang Snatch Hi-Pull (bar only)
1 x 3 Three-Pause Snatch Extension + 3 Hang Snatch Hi-Pull (light weight)

– – Work* – –
3 x 3 Snatch
4 x 2 Snatch
* may be power snatch or full

Partner/Team Met-Con
10 min Death-By two reps of DB Clean and Burpees
– Start with two reps, and add two more reps each rounds (so, 2 CB Cleans and 2 Burpees, then 4 and 4, then 6 and 6, etc.); alternate between exercises, with at least two people working at time (no more than 3 people per team)


  1. Dray says:

    Started out the day pulling under the bar, got unsteady around 85# and instead of just working on that like I have in recent workouts I went a little heavier while just power snatching. Working with Steve I made it up to 115# for my final set of 2 (my previous 1RM) but that felt really good so I think 120# would have been no problem and maybe 125#.

    This metcon really highlighted for me how much I’ve come to love burpees. Not in the sense that I want to just go do them all the time but relative to many of the other things we do, they feel great. Went through the round of 14 and into the round of 16 without those slowing down much while the DB cleans fell apart.