Friday, August 1
July 31, 2014
Sunday, August 3
August 2, 2014


3 Rounds of
3 Inchworm in Place
12 Supine Scorpion
3 Rolling Split Straddles
12 Alt Lunge and Twist
3 Plank to Squat

Strength – Pendlay Row

5 Rounds
:30 to complete 10 Deadlifts*
:30 to complete max Burpees
1 Minute rest

* Deadlift weight is heaviest used by everyone in group for 3 Pendlay Rows


  1. Dray says:

    Worked up to 145# on the rows – heavy but wasn’t losing form and may have been able to go harder but have been feeling extremely tight hamstrings all week. This was a fun metcon, though! Tended to have about 10 seconds to spare on the deadlifts and hit 11 burpees each round. I normally enjoy this combination or something similar mixing short duration max burpees with another lift although I do prefer bastards for the entertainment value of diving over the bar.

  2. Katie says:

    I think I actually got a PR on the rows at 78#, which is cool because we haven’t done these in a while, but it shows that it uses the same muscles we’ve been building with other stuff.

    Did 88# for the DL, which might have been a little heavy but felt pretty good. DL make burpees tolerable! (along with knowing there is rest right after them….)