Sunday, August 3
August 2, 2014
Tuesday, August 5
August 4, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
10 Alt Single Leg Bird Pickers
5 Dolphin Push-ups
10 Band Good Mornings

Workout 1
EMOM for 12 Minutes (4 Rounds each)
5 Ring I, Y & Ts
10 Alt Single Leg KB Deadlifts
15 Hollow Rocks*
* Scale Hollow rocks to hollow hold

Workout 2
4 Rounds of
1 Minute Max Pull-ups
1 Minute Max Burpees
1 Minute Max KB Swing
1 Minute Rest

Scale Pullups to 10 challenging Ring Rows


  1. Dray says:

    Didn’t expect to make evening workouts this week but wrapped up work way earlier than expected – if that continues, you all get to continue to hear from me (and only me if Katie doesn’t step up) as so far soreness isn’t overwhelming!

    Needless to say I was very happy to make a workout that involved several minutes of burpees. No really.

  2. Katie says:

    Guys, we really have to step up with the comments, we can’t leave Dray all alone in comment-land!!

    Shockingly, this was not as bad as expected! Starting on the KB swings (well, pull-throughs for me) was the key….I NEED rest after a minute of burpees! After hearing Surg’s game plan of setting a goal for each round, I decided on 12 burpees, and did it every round. (though I forgot to count the first round, but think I did…) It really helped because there was an end in sight, and I had to start right away to get those 12.

    • Dray says:

      Thank you, Katie! I think we need a requirement for new people just out of elements to chime in on here. It’s a little quiet despite how many people I know read it daily.

  3. Mike D says:

    Okay okay, I’ll stop stalking comments everyday without responding…

    I agree with the goal setting, set a goal at 15 minimum for each round with anything above that as gravy. Found the workout to be a good one and manageable but the swings really took my wind each round.

  4. Sara says:

    I’m surprised no one talked about the IYTs or as I was calling them DIYs.