Tuesday, August 5
August 4, 2014
Thursday, August 7
August 6, 2014


2 rounds of
6 Over-Under Scap Touches/side,
6 PVC Dislocates,
6 PVC OHS Squats,
6 Spider Lunge,
6 X-Body Spider Lunge

Strength – Snatch (30min for Prep, Work, and Finishing Sets)
– – Prep Sets – – 
2 x 3 Hang Snatch Hi-Pull + 3 Hang Power Snatch + 3 OHS (scale up to 3 snatch balance)
– may start w/ light weight

– – Work Sets – –
7 x 1 Snatch

– – Finishing Sets – – 
Drop 20% from your heaviest successful snatch, and perform 2 sets of 3 power snatch
– scale up to Hang Power Snatch

7min Ladder of
2 Alt Single Arm DB Squat Clean*
2 Burpee
* So, 2 reps = 1 w/ right hand + 1 w/ left hand
– 2 Squat Cleans (1/side), 2 Burpees, 4 Squat Cleans (2/side), 4 Burpees, etc.


  1. Dray says:

    Love seeing an opportunity to push the weight and compare to previous workouts. Started out trying to pull under but was feeling really unstable initially so just went for power and decided to see how heavy I could go. Made it to 125# which is a 10# PR and probably could have pulled off 130# but it was getting a little ugly so I backed off a bit to focus on form for the rest of the attempts. Went 105# for the finisher and that felt just fine other than grip weakening when I went with the hang.

    Because we had a small class, had a lot of time to do extra sets so after all this work I went back down to the bar and then to 75# to work on pulling under and after all the heavy sets this felt great. It was easy to drop down and stabilize so maybe when I decide to work on it I should go up in weight quickly with power then drop a bit to work on the squat!

  2. Jane says:

    Finally managed to get my snatch into relatively okay order. Got to 83-93 successfully, but went down to 73 for the finisher. got in some extra sets out of the hang, which felt much better. thanks to Chris for the helpful tips on staying straight up and down and coming out of my hips.