Sunday, August 24
August 23, 2014
Tuesday, August 26
August 25, 2014


4 Rounds of
4 Alt T Pushups
8 Band Pull Aparts
4 Spider Lunge w/ reach up on both sides
8 Squats


1 minute OH band distraction/ side
1 minute death stretch/side

5 Rounds of 3min ON/3min OFF
4 DB Facing Burpees*
8 Alt DB Snatch
12 Push-ups

* similar to Bar facing burpee; Drop to the floor, jump or step-up back to standing, and jump with both feet over the DB to complete 1 rep.
– Each Round picks up where previous left off for one score of Rounds+ reps


  1. Dray says:

    First workout back from two weeks off, good one to start out on! I think I reversed the logic I should have used here, though – I knew the push-ups would give out quickly (and they did) so I was thinking I would go light on the DB so I could get to them fast and take as much time as needed. Instead, I should have gone heavy assuming I was going to get a lot of rest on the push-ups either way once I hit that wall. As is, 10 rounds +16 reps wore my arms out and definitely got me sweating so I’ll count this as a good warm-up for the week.

  2. Sree says:

    The pushups really killed me! I was only able to pull off 7 rounds + 12 reps, while everyone else was reporting 9+ rounds :-/

  3. Katie says:

    Ditto, Sree, push-ups were the worst! I was doing my push-ups from my knees and managed 8 rounds + 9 reps….so rough! I think this workout calls for scaling UP for those who find push-ups too easy. 🙂

    Also, a point of clarification: the burpees start from standing, right? I think the worst part of the workout was getting off the ground after the push-ups just to start the burpees!

    • Dray says:

      I don’t think everyone was following the same standard for how to start a burpee but I agree with you: must stand up to fall back down! Standing -> chest to the floor -> jump over the DB. Some people may need to work on getting their chest to the floor for those push-ups to count, too – there are options to scale but limiting range of motion isn’t one of them to my knowledge.

      Gotta be particular when counting reps!