Tuesday, August 26
August 25, 2014
Labor Day Schedule, New Classes at H St, and the Smackdown!
August 27, 2014


2 Rounds
6 Over-Under Scap Touches
6 PVC Dislocates
6 PVC OHS Squats
6 Spider Lunge
6 X-Body Spider Lunge

Strength – Snatch (30min for all three sets)
– – Prep Sets – –
2 x 3 Hang Snatch Hi-Pull + 3 Hang Power Snatch + 3 Heaving Snatch Balance (feet do not move; scale down to OHS)

– – Work Sets – –
8 x 1 Snatch

– – Finishing Sets – –
Drop 15% from your heaviest successful snatch, and perform 3 sets of 2 power snatch (scale up to hang power snatch)

10min Death By 2 DB Thruster with Jumping Jack active rest
– 2 thruster on first min + JJ in remaining time, 4 thruster on second minute + JJ, 6 + JJ, 8, 10, up to 20)


  1. Katie says:

    Snatches didn’t go as badly as they have been! I really enjoyed working with Morgan, too. Got up to 50#, then down to 43#….which didn’t feel much lighter. Still trying to pull into my hips instead of bouncing forward.

    Jumping jacks as active rest. Not much else to say about that. My calves were dying.

  2. Kenna says:

    The 6:30pm class had some pretty creative “dancing jacks.” But that metcon pretty was brutal.

  3. Dray says:

    Came in thinking this was going to be a good day to stay lighter and focus on pulling under the bar but the first couple attempts I felt really off balance, bar was all over the place and I couldn’t stabilize even at low weight. I figured I would come back to that on a better day and went back to power snatch and worked my way up to 125# again instead.

    Thrusters suck and, surprisingly, jumping jacks are not equivalent to rest! Who knew?

  4. Abbey S. says:

    Clearly this workout should be renamed “Death by Jumping Jacks”. Literally did burpees the last few rounds in lieu of jumping jacks because my calves were so sore,.