Labor Day Schedule, New Classes at H St, and the Smackdown!

Wednesday, August 27
August 26, 2014
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August 27, 2014


Hey there CFDCers, just wanted to catch everyone up with a few important updates and announcements about all that’s going on in the center of your fitness universe!

Pardon Our Dust

By this point, most’ve of you have probably noticed that we have some construction going on at both locations. Fear not – intrusion into the daily routine should be minimal, but we do hope you’ll forgive us the temporary mess as we continue to upgrade our facilities in the hopes of better serving all of you.

Labor Day Schedule

Of course, to distract everyone from the mess and clutter of the construction projects, we’re making sure there are plenty of cool workouts on tap, including another infamous holiday workout, and the 3rd iteration of the CFDC Smackdown!

First, the schedule for Labor Day weekend. Similar to our Memorial Day and 4th of July Holiday schedules, we will hold a regular class schedule on Saturday and Sunday, but just two classes on Labor Day (one class at H St, and one class at 14th St):

  • Saturday, Aug. 30 = Normal Class and Open Gym schedules at both locations.
  • Sunday, Aug 31 = Normal Class Schedule ONLY; No Open Gym at either location.
  • Monday, Sept 1 = two special classes ONLY = 9:30am at H St; 11:30am at 14th St (No Open Gym at either location).
  • Tuesday, Sept 2 = Normal Class schedule resumes at both locations.

New Classes at H Street

Speaking of class schedules, we are really happy to announce that we are adding a weekday 7am class at the H Street location. The new H Street class schedule will begin Tuesday, September 2 (immediately after Labor Day), and will occur all five weekdays (Monday through Friday). Additionally, Open Gym will now remain a constant 8 to 9am all five days (so no more 7am to 9am Open Gym on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s).


Of course, a few extra class times is perfect for getting in a few extra training sessions before this year’s CrossFit DC Smackdown. For those of you unfamiliar with the Smackdown, it is a CFDC-only competition (i.e., just for members) designed so that participants can enjoy the excitement and fun of a CrossFit competition, without all the anxiety of muscle-ups, ridonculously heavy snatches, and a do-or-die attitude. This means movements that can be done by anyone at CrossFit DC, regardless of how long you’ve been CrossFitting, and a scoring system that rewards everyone for any amount of work done. In short, it’s a lot of fun, and a great way to meet your fellow CFDCers all while enjoying the atmosphere of a CrossFit competition. A few particulars about this year’s Smackdown:

What: CFDC Smackdown 2014
When: Saturday, September 27, from roughly 9am to 5pm.
Where: CrossFit DC Northeast (AKA “H Street”)
Who: all of you…but only in teams of 4 (2 guys and 2 girls)

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime, start getting your teams together! Of course, if you need help finding that missing piece to your team, or want to fill-in as the missing piece on a team, hit up the CrossFit DC Facebook group and sound off! Of course, if you’re still not quite sure about this whole Smackdown thing, then you should check out our blog post recap of last year’s Smackdown or take a gander at the resulting Facebook album.


Hope all of you are as excited as we are. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us pronto. Otherwise, see you in the gym soon.

The CrossFit DC Team
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