Labor Day – Monday, September 1
August 31, 2014
Wednesday, September 3
September 2, 2014


4 Rounds of
4 Alt T Pushups
8 Alt single leg bird Pickers
4 Spider Lunges w reach up on both sides
8 Spider Planks

EMOM for 12min (4 Rounds each) of
8 Ring Push-ups
12 Seated DB OH Press*
16 Band Pull-Aparts

AMRAP in 12min of
8 DB Snatch – Left Arm
16 Plate Russian Twists (8 per side)
8 DB Snatch – Right Arm
16 Ab Mat Sit-ups


  1. Katie says:

    The EMOM was worse than the metcon for me. Band pull-aparts are always brutal, and the seated OH press caught up to me quickly! I was all “I can totally do 20# DB”….until I tried them. 🙂 Luckily I was able to stick with 15# for the whole thing.

    Grateful for the sit-ups in the metcon…that is REAL active rest for me!

  2. Dray says:

    Completely agree with Katie. I went in with low expectations for the weight on the DBs but Will was more optimistic so instead of the 25/30# I had planned, we went for 35#. One round of that threw off everything else – I dropped to 25# and was failing in the second and third rounds; I dropped to 20# and my left arm was just finished halfway through the set (biggest difference in strength for me from right to left is always the DB press shoulder work).

    With shoulders shot, I thought the DB snatch was going to be a problem at 40# and the first round was rough but it actually helped work them out pretty quickly and I picked up speed on those. I did not expect the twists to be the hard part but at 45# it became difficult to just pick up the weight as the rounds added up…