Monday, 9/15
September 14, 2014
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September 16, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
10 Squat to Boot Strapper
5 Plank to Squat
Alt Samson Lunges

Strength – Pendlay Rows (20 Minutes)

EMOM, 20min, alternating between:
A) +2 Strict Pullups*
B1) 10 Ball Slams
B2) 10 Burpees

So, min 1 = 2 pull-ups; min 2 = ball slams; min 3 = 4 pull-ups; min 4 = burpees; min 5 = 6 pull-ups; etc.
(10 Rounds of Pullups, 5 Rounds of Burpees/ 5 Rounds of Ball Slams)

*Scale Strict Pull-ups to challenging Ring Rows;
Note: Pullups do not have to be unbroken, just completed within minute; Once unable to complete pullups within minute, start back at 2 and back working up in remaining time


  1. Dray says:

    Still very sore from Sunday but this was a good way to work it out. The rows made my hamstrings feel better (will see how long that lasts) and I worked my way up to 155#. The last set at that weight was… a little slow so if I had any more to do I probably would have backed off a bit to keep it explosive (150# moved well).

    For the EMOM, pull-ups died faster than expected. I need to start doing strict more often again, definitely lost a step there (I think I’ve missed all the strict pull-up/chin-up days lately). Made it to the round of 10 and failed then failed again on… 6 or 8, can’t remember. At least the burpees were fun and the ball slams ended right as they were really starting to suck.

  2. Charles says:

    I took the last three days off but I’m still on the road to adequacy. I finished the last set of Pendlay rows above BW at 205#. The met-con, well, kinda meh, other than making it to 10 pull-ups.

  3. Steph Li says:

    This metcon killed me! I did it in my office gym and subbed db thrusters for ball slams. It’s been almost an hour, and I can’t even muster enough energy to finish my lunch. Now that’s bad. Like Dray said, pull-ups started sucking pretty quickly. Made it through 7 on the round of 8, then 4 on the next round of 8, and ended with a round of 2 and a round of 4.

    Hopefully I’ll recover soon so I can be ready to eat at a birthday party for a colleague in 45 minutes.

    Also, Megan L. is never allowed to use a 20lb slam ball again. Ball slams looked way too easy last night.

    • Dray says:

      Well, DB thrusters are much, much worse than slam balls so yeah, I can see being wiped out after that! But I hope it didn’t interfere with cake.