Smackdown Reminder and Gym Schedule for Saturday

Tuesday, 9/23
September 22, 2014
Wednesday, 9/24
September 23, 2014

Don’t forget about the Smackdown,

this Saturday (Sept. 27) at CrossFit DC NE (H Street)

Smackdown Poster


Just a friendly reminder that CrossFit DC’s intragym competition, dutifully dubbed the “Smackdown,” is taking place this Saturday, September 27th. The competition will run from 9am to roughly 5pm.

So just what does this mean?

FIRST, it means if you want to compete, your team must be registered by Noon tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 24th). You will have until the start of the competition on Saturday to submit your team’s entry fee($5/person), but only those teams registered by Noon tomorrow will be allowed to compete. If you still need to register your team, jump now to the 2014 CrossFit DC Smackdown Registration page.

SECOND, if you’re not competing, please note that both locations, 14th Street and H Street, will be closed for the day (there will be NO regular classes, and NO open gym time at either location for the duration of the day). There will be ample opportunity for spectating and cheering however, and we will resume our normal schedule on Sunday, Sept. 28.

2014 CrossFit DC Smackdown Registration

Haven’t registered yet? Here’s a quick reminder on what to do:

  1. Designate a team representative;
  2. Have your team representative register the team via the 2014 CrossFit DC Smackdown Registration page. Necessary registration information includes:
    (A) The Team Name;
    (B) Name and Email of the Team representative;
    (C) Names of the other three teammates (please note that the Team representative will be responsible for ensuring that the team        has paid, and distributing all communications/updates about the competition!); and,
    (D) The team’s charity selection
  3. Have your team representative collect your entry fees to be submitted in person at the gym at your earliest convenience.

Itinerary for the Day

For those of you who are competing, or simply interested in watching the compeition, the following is a rough itinerary of the day’s events:

  • 8am: Door’s Open, and final team payments collected
  • 9am: Event 1 (full team)
  • 10:30am: Event 2 (1 guy & 1 girl)
  • 11:45am: Event 3 (1 guy & 1 girl)
  • 1pm: Lunch Break
  • 2:15: Event 4 (full team)
  • 3:30: Final Event (top 5 teams)
  • 4:30: Breakdown, clear out, and Celebrate!

Further details on heat assignments will be emailed to the team representatives after the close of registration tomorrow. It is the responsibility of the team representative’s to share that information with their team.

Hope you’re all ready! In the meantime, don’t forget to continue checking the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for any hints or teasers about the workouts.


2014 Smackdown Anticipation Haiku
What workouts? What weights?
What will we do!? Matters not,
all will get smacked down

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