Thursday, 10/30
October 29, 2014
Saturday, 11/1
October 31, 2014

REMINDER: Looking to improve your pull-ups/T2B/Muscle-Ups? Then don’t forget to sign up today for this weekend’s FREE kipping skill seminar for all members – the only pre-req is 3 strict pull-ups/chin-ups. To register, please email, subject heading ‘KIPPING SEMINAR’ and indicate which of the following you’d like to attend:

  • Saturday 11am-1pm (H St); or,
  • Sunday 1pm-3pm (14th St).

Until then, enjoy the following Halloween Treat!


Jessi C’s Hylete-inspired Spider Jack-o’-Lantern

3 rounds of
5 Scap Push-ups
10 Hip Bridges
5 Quadruped Extension w/ Rotation each side
10 OH Band Pull Aparts

Strength – Floor Press

In as few sets of dips as possible, complete: 60 Dips + 60 Band Pull Aparts + 120 Sit Ups
-after each set of dips, perform an equal number of band Pull Aparts and then twice as many Situps, continuing in this fashion until all 60/60/120 reps are complete.


  1. Dray says:

    Considering how sore I was already from Thursday and how I expected to continue to get worse, had to come Friday night since it was likely I would skip Saturday. Definitely lost some strength on floor press just barely hitting 140×3 but that was better than expected so hopefully that comes back quickly! Took down the dips slowly in 11 sets but enjoyed that a lot more than the squats from Thursday.