Saturday, 11/1
October 31, 2014
Monday, 11/3
November 2, 2014

REMINDER: Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am Sunday morning, so be sure to set your clocks BACK an hour before you go to be Saturday night (or, after you wake up Sunday morning but before you come to the gym – you know, right about the time you realize you could’ve slept an extra hour…)


3 Rounds
20 Jumping Jacks
15 Band Good Mornings
10 Spider Lunges
5 Rolling Split Straddles

Strength – Deadlift (35 min cap)
Prep: 1 x 10 RDL w/bar, 2-3 x 5 DL
Work: 5-5-3-3-2-2-2
– Work towards 2 Rep training max

3 Rounds, NFT, of
15 Single Leg Split Squats/ side
20 Windshield Wipers

3 x Max reps Cradle of Pain


  1. Charles says:

    I did the second to the last DL set at #305 (broke my old PR by #60!). After that, I stayed for Serge’s Kipping Skill Seminar. He did an incredible job of breaking down all the technical components of the muscle up, starting with hanging hollow holds going up through beat/kips, T2B, and butterfly pull-ups. Thanks so much, Serge!!