Sunday, 11/2
November 1, 2014
Tuesday, 11/4
November 3, 2014


4 Rounds of
2 Inchworm Walkouts
4 Hanging Scap retractions
6 Spider Lunges
8 OH Band Pull Aparts

Strength – Pendlay Rows (25 Min cap)
(5-5) 5-5-5-3-3-3

6 Rounds of
:30 Max Strict Chin Ups
:30 Max Pushups
:30 Rest

2 Rounds, NFT, of
10 DB Powell Raises each side
15 Band Pallof Press each side


  1. Dray says:

    Slow pace tonight but after a long day at work, still felt good to pick up some weights and fail at chin ups and pushups. Worked up to 145# with Richard on the Pendlay rows which is about where I’ve been on previous sets of 3 which is actually really encouraging since last week the recovery from travel had me at significantly lower weights.