Saturday, 11/22
November 21, 2014
Monday, 11/24
November 23, 2014


4 Rounds of
4 Alt-T Push-ups
8 Hip Bridges
4 Dolphin Push-ups
8 OH Band Pull Aparts
4 Quadruped Ext w/ Rotation
8 Scap Push-ups

Strength – Floor Press (25 Min cap)
Prep: 5-5-3
Work: 5-4-3-2-1 (working up to a 1RM Training Max)

AMRAP in 8min
4 DB Hang Clean to OH
12 Spider Planks (6 per side)

2 Rounds, NFT, of
Max unbroken Dips
10 DB Powell Raises each side
Max Unbroken Dips
10 Band Paloff Presses each side


  1. Dray says:

    This was a good day – the warm-up felt rough after the OHS on Saturday but with Dave refusing to accept my negativity each set of floor press felt progressively better. If I had been a bit more optimistic early on and more aggressive I probably would have worked up farther but hit 165# successfully and it felt good.

    The metcon was rough but a good way to wrap up before heading out for the holiday week. Shoulders were shot by the end of the finisher and I’m just glad I didn’t need to move them much for the rest of the day!