Saturday, 12/6
December 5, 2014
Monday, 12/8
December 7, 2014


3 Rounds of
15 Jumping Jack Combo
10 Squats
15 Band Good Mornings
10 Hip Bridges


1 Minute Single Leg Flexion w ER each side
1 Minute Supine Spinal Twist w/hip flexor stretch each side

Plyo (10 Min cap)
5 x 2 Seated Box Jumps

Strength – Back Squat (35 Min cap)
1 x 5 w/ bar
1 x 5 @ 35%
1 x 5 @ 50%
1 x 5 @ 65%
1 x 5 @ 75%
3 x 5 @ 80%

EMOM for 12min (6 Rounds each)
(A) 8 Heavy Russian KB Swings + 4 Plank to Squats
(B) 8 Ball Slams + 4 Jump Squats

Band Hamstring Series


  1. Dray says:

    Mmm…. squat day. I had to look this up but it has been a little over three months since I’ve done back squats that weren’t box squats. Today felt pretty good at 175# so I think I’m about at the same point as I was back then which would be a success!

    The modified version of this EMOM may have been a little less demanding since the class was so huge but still a good way to make sure I was nice and warmed up for the shoulder session afterwards. That was awesome having Kate come in and immediately point out a few things and provide a bunch of tips for working them out, can’t wait to see more of these!