Sunday, 12/7
December 6, 2014
Tuesday, 12/9
December 8, 2014


3 Rounds of
4 Spider Lunge w/ Reach Up
8 Supine Scorpion
4 Alt-T Push-ups
8 Prone Scorpion
4 Rolling Split Straddles

EMOM 12 Minutes (4 Rounds each)
A) 4 Ring I Y Ts
B) 8 Band Pull Aparts
C) 16 Flutter Kicks

12 Rounds for time
8 Alt DB Snatch
8 Push-ups
– 20 min cap


  1. Dray says:

    A little chilly today in the gym and a slow EMOM didn’t help too much but the met-con delivered. With Will pushing for 50# I couldn’t go less than 45# but, as expected, the push-ups are what gave out anyway. Coach Steve offered burpees as a way to scale up and I went for that for two rounds but legs weren’t going to make it all the way at that rate so I had to back off to push-ups that slowed down drastically.

  2. Katie says:

    Burpees to scale up….wow. Evil genius right there. Coach Chris better watch out.

    In case anyone’s counting – last week’s Monday 5:30 class: 100 push-ups. This week, 96. Next week…92?

    Coach Steve recommended going at the heavier of the debated weights, since some earlier classes thought they went too light. I started with 20#, was pretty spent by round 9 and did one round at 15#, but that was way too light, so I went back to 20#. (Weird, I know.) Maybe Santa will bring 14th Street some 17.5# DB! 🙂