Tuesday, 12/16
December 15, 2014
Thursday, 12/18
December 17, 2014


3 rounds of
8 Scorpions
4 Alt-T Push-Ups
8 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
4 Squat to Bootstrapper

Strength – C&J Complex (30min for Prep & Work sets)
– – Prep – –
3 x 2 Clean Extensions + 2 Hang Power Clean + 4 Push Press

– – Work – –

8 x 1 Hang Power Clean + 2 Power Jerk

8 x 1 Hang Clean + 2 Power Jerk

8 min Alternating Tabata of DB S2OH + DB Lunges (DBs at sides)
– 8 rounds of each, alternating b/t S2OH and Lunges


  1. Dray says:

    Well, this proved I need to rest a little more – everything was much harder than it should have been. Struggled with the cleans which should have been a clue but still picked what would be a normal weight for the metcon and that fell apart on both movements very quickly. Couple days off should take care of that and luckily it is enforced by work so I can’t just change my mind when I see a fun workout.

  2. Jane says:

    Jerks are so incredibly hard for me right now. The cleans, fine. But the jerk, especially coming down, really activates this fear response that’s like DON’T GET HIT IN THE HEAD JUST DROP IT AHHH. Not so great.