Saturday, 1/10
January 9, 2015
Monday, 1/12
January 11, 2015


4 Rounds of
2 Inchworm in Place
4 Spider Lunge w/ reach up on each side
6 Hips to Wall
8 Supine Scorpion

Strength – Good Mornings
Prep: 10 w/ bar, 8, 5
Work: 3 x 5

Team Met-Con (groups of 4)
6 rounds of
300 M Row
6 Deadlifts (M @ 225,185,155,135; W @ 163,133,113,93)
9 Burpees

– Workout done follow the leader style;
– First person waits till last person finished Burpees to begin next round


  1. Katie says:

    All right, I need to get back to commenting to record my weights, because I keep forgetting what I’ve done recently.

    GMs at 105, 115, and 125 felt good. Thanks to Coach Surg for questioning my ROM….he was right, I was definitely shorting it on my second set, so I fixed that for the final one.

    I thought 300m row wouldn’t be too bad, but wow, after about 200 my legs were fatiguing pretty badly. 93# felt pretty doable for the DLs, except that it was hard to keep a tight core while gasping for breath after the row. (I guess that’s the point, huh?)