Wednesday, 2/4
February 4, 2015
Friday, 2/6
February 6, 2015


3 Rounds of
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Cossack Lunges
20 Split Jacks
10 Alt Samson Lunges


1:30 Death Stretch (:45/:45 Hip Flexor/Quad emphasis – start in down position)/ side
1:00 Spinal Twist with hip cross/ side
:30 Calf stretch with dynamic leg swing/ side

4 Rounds through, with 1:30 Work + :30 Rest at each station:
A) Row (20/25/30/X SPM)*
B) Pistols**
C) Double Unders***
D) L- Sit****

*First round at 20 spm, second at 25, 3rd at 30 spm. Focus on getting power out of stroke at each spm, and recovering gradually to set pace. Last round should be at lowest sustainable (for 1:30) split time, spm up to rower.

** Scaling options: Single leg floor touch (easiest), Single leg squat to a box, Single leg squat holding upright), Alternating Pistols (RX), weighted (scale up)

** Scale DUs to single skips

*** L Sits should be for max cumulative time in round. Scale to bent knee, V sit or plank

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