The 2015 CrossFit Games Open at CrossFit DC – Part 1

Tuesday, 2/10
February 10, 2015
Wednesday, 2/11
February 11, 2015

The 2015 CrossFit Games Open at CrossFit DC – Part 1
Wherein we explain WHAT the Open is and HOW to sign up for it.


Maybe, just maybe, you’ve happened to see a few of our recent Facebook posts with insight from a few of CFDC’s members about why they do the CrossFit Games Open, and what it means to them. Or maybe you’ve heard other’s in the gym talking about this mysterious “Open,” like coaches explaining why we’re doing so many met-cons lately, or other members reminiscing about nameless workouts such as 14.5, 13.3, or the universally despised 12.1. But what if you’re unsure about what the Open is exactly? Well, we’re here to help make some sense of all this by answering some of those questions you might have (except, we’re going to put those questions in our words…)

What in the blazes is “The Open”?

The Open is a five week worldwide competition that is open to everyone in the world (no, really, everyone – every CrossFitter and non-CrossFitter who wants to, can participate in the Open). A new workout is released each week, and each workout varies from week to week in terms of movements, time-limits, weights, and no one knows what the workouts will be in advance. Sounds kinda like every CFDC class you’ve been to, right?

The Open is also the gateway to the vaunted CrossFit Games – only those individuals and teams who prove themselves worthy during the Open will be invited to regional events (unimaginatively called “Regionals”), from which only a very few will be selected to compete at CrossFit’s premiere competition, the CrossFit Games.

Whoa, this is a competition!?! But what about (fill in your most hated and frustrating movement here)?

We’ll get to the all the reasons why we think everyone should compete in the Open, but for now, it’s important to note that CrossFit HQ (the central hub of all things CrossFit and the source of all the CrossFit workouts) will be offering two versions of each Open workout this year: an RX’d version and a Scaled version. This likely means that those pesky Double Unders, perturbing Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, and petrifying heavy weights will be toned down to something extra accessible (just an aside: don’t go getting your hopes up that burpees will be absent from any version of the Open, as you doubtlessly be dissapointed).

I’m not really sure I’m convinced, but just in case I’m considering it, when is it?

The Open will commence at the end of February, and during the five weeks of the Open, CrossFit HQ will release a new workout each Thursday night, and participants have until the following Monday to complete the workout and submit their scores. The first workout will be released Thursday, February 26, and participants will have until the following Monday (February 30) to submit their scores online.

And you expect me to do these workouts on my own!?!?

Not remotely! We make a big deal of the Open, running special heats of each Open workouts every weekend for all five weeks of the competition. Every CFDC member who signs up for the Open will be able to sign-up for a heat in advance of the weekend, selecting when and where they want to perform the workout, and which scaling option their opting to do that week (yes, you can switch back and forth between RX’d and Scaled versions from week to week). You’ll get special prep and mobility to do the day before your workout, and a special warm-up designed to specifically get you ready for that week’s Open workout.


We’ll provide more details in the weeks to come about just how the Open workouts will go down within our own gym walls, but rest assured, you will not be alone in this endeavor. OH, and they’ll be a big party at the end to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. Good incentive, huh?

OK, OK, so how would I go about signing up if I were interested (and I’m not saying I am, but just in case…)?

It’s easy: make the jump to the CF Games registration page, create an account, pay the $20 fee, and you’re in! Of course, you’ll need to select which CFDC home you want to be associated with this open season: 14th St (“CrossFit DC”) or H St (CrossFit DC Northeast”). And don’t forget to join that gym’s team! Everyone is eligible to be on the team, and the more the merrier!


  1. Go To CF Games Registration;
  2. Create an account (you’ll need name, email, password, etc – or simply log-in using your account info from last year)
  3. Pay your $20 registration fee;
  4. Select CrossFit DC if you workout primarily at 14th St, or CrossFit DC Northeast if you mostly workout at H St;
  5. Join the gym’s team!
  6. DONE!

You can also see which of your gym-mates have already signed up for the Open by looking at either the CrossFit DC’s CF Games Page or the CrossFit DC Northeast’s CF Games Page.

Next Week: we’ll address just why we think every member of CrossFit DC should consider doing the Open, but in the meantime, check out those FB posts with a few thoughts on the Open from other CFDC members if you haven’t already done so:

  • JM G.on his 5th Open, but first as a CFDC athlete;
  • Jess C.on doing the Open for the first time in 2014 after catching the competition bug;
  • Tom A.on doing the Open as a seasoned CFDC veteran and Masters athlete;
  • Steve K.on doing the Open fresh out of Elements in 2014.

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