Monday, 3/2
March 2, 2015
Wednesday, 3/4
March 4, 2015


4 Rounds of
4 Alt T Push-ups
8 Squats
4 Spider Lunge w/ reach up on both sides
8 Alt Samson Lunges

Strength – Strict Press (25 min)
– – Prep – –
1 x 10 w bar, 5, 5

– – Work – –
-last 3 x 3 at same weight if possible

3 Rounds of
1 Minute Max Wallballs
:30 Rest
1 Minute Max Dips (Ring, Bar or Box)
:30 Rest
1 Minute Max OH Plate Sit-ups
:30 Rest


  1. Katie says:

    This was a tricky one in terms of choosing the right weights. I believe I just did 48# for the 5s and 53# for the 3s, which is a little lower than I thought but I think it was the right choice given the higher number of reps. I may have been able to eek out 58# for the 3s, so if we do this rep scheme again that’s what I should shoot for. Coach Chris gave me a great tip about not starting with my elbows too high….bringing them down definitely made my first rep easier!

    Blech, wall balls. Used a 12# and felt some weirdness in my hips after a few normal reps so went to push press-style. Box dips, and 25# plate for 2 rounds of sit-ups and 15# on the last round because my sit-ups were getting flail-y and just ugly. I’m just thankful it was only 3 minutes of wall balls!