Wednesday, 3/11
March 11, 2015
Friday, 3/13
March 13, 2015


3 Rounds of
3 Wall Walks
6 Alt Single Leg Floor Touch
12 Squats
24 Jumping Jacks


1 Minute Single leg Flexion with ER/ side
1 Minute Banded Heel Cord Anterior Bias/ side (BaSL P.385)

Every 2 Minutes for 32 Minutes (4 Rounds each)

A) 20 Wall Balls (20/14)
B) 50 Double Unders
C) 20 Alt Shoulder Taps
D) 20 Alt Pistols (10/side)

Scaling Options:
A) Scale wall balls to a weight that can be done in no more than 2 sets – aim to go unbroken;
B) Scale DU’s to 150 Single skips;
C) Scale to 2-4 Wall Walks;
D) Scale Pistols to: (1) supported holding upright or (2) Single Leg Split Squats (10 per side)


  1. Dray says:

    Well I guess I’m glad we got to warm up with some wallballs before 15.3! This wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected since two minutes each round meant a lot more rest than I thought. Worked towards pistols just to be ready in case they did actually come up and I’m just about there but it would have been stretch to call what I was doing a good rep.

    Unbroken on all four rounds of double-unders sets my expectations for the Open pretty high so hopefully that doesn’t backfire too badly…

  2. Katie says:

    Last week’s Thursday workout had OHS, then there were OHS in 15.2. This week, wall balls and DUs/singles in the workout and in 15.3. Coincidence, or does someone have inside information from HQ?? 🙂

    This was a long one, but I agree, the rest made it okay. I chose a 10# wall ball for push press-style reps, which was a good choice because the volume really added up. (and it happens to be the weight for scaled 15.3!) Single skips + single leg split squats + 2 wall walks, which continue to be my nemesis, though Coach Lance’s tip to think about hollowing out through my sternum helped me feel a little less like I was going to smash my head into the floor.