Wednesday, 4/1
April 1, 2015
Friday, 4/3
April 3, 2015


3 Rounds of
20 Jumping Jacks
15 Band Good Mornings
10 Spider Lunges
5 Plank to Squat

Dynamic Stretching
2 Rounds of
5 Front Leg Swings/side + 10 Alt Knee to Chest Hugs
5 Side Leg Swings/side + 10 Alt Single Leg Bird Pickers

Partner Met-Con
Run 400 M, 21 KB Swings, 9 Burpees
Run 400 M, 15 KB Swings 15 Burpees
Run 400 M, 9 KB Swings, 21 Burpees

Walk 400 M Cooldown

Partner A begins run, as soon as they return they begin 21 + 9 while Partner B Starts Run. Once A completes reps, waits for B to return before starting next round.

Band Hamstring Series


  1. Katie says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually liked this workout! It was great partnering with Abbey, even though she didn’t give me much rest! 🙂 After a rough week of recovery from Sunday’s thruster-fest, it felt good to just do body weight movements. I subbed rowing and band pull-throughs, which definitely made this more tolerable. The worst part was undoubtedly the 21 burpees at the end. The mobility was much needed, and after loosening my hamstrings my lower back felt so much better! You’d think I would have learned by now not to neglect mobility, but apparently I still need regular reminders.