Friday, 4/3
April 3, 2015
Sunday, 4/5
April 5, 2015

REMINDER: Open & Closed Party TODAY!
H Street Country Club, 4:30pm onwards


3 Rounds of
10 Pause Squats
10 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
10 PVC Dislocates
10 PVC BTN Thrusters

Workout – Bear Complex (40 min)
– – Prep Sets – –
2 rounds of 1 (3 Position) Pause Extension + 2 Hang Hi-Pulls + 2 Hang Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + 2 Push Press
– bar, then light weight


2 rounds of 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Thruster + 1 Back Squat + 1 BTN Push press
– light, then moderate weight

– – Work Sets – –
5 Rounds of the Bear Complex
1 Round = 7 Reps without putting the bar down
1 Rep = 1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 S2OH + 1 Back Squat + 1 BTN S2OH

– attempt to go up in weight each round; rest as needed between rounds


  1. Dray says:

    I was hoping to find the answer to why it’s called the bear complex really quick but it looks like it would take a little more digging than I hoped so maybe someone else can answer it… whatever the origin, it’s terrible. I know it’s bad despite not having done it for over two years (back in Kalorama is the only time I’ve done it and I think that was abbreviated or at least significant scaled for me) but it still hit harder than I expected. Plan was to go 75-80-85-90-95 and that the round of 95 might not happen (like many of us, I have a recent benchmark for what 7 thrusters at 95 does to me) but after the 35 movements at 75 I toned that down to 75-75-80-80-85. I probably could have pushed through heavier sets but no Open motivation means no desire to be laid out for the rest of the day. I did find that moving as quickly as possible made the first 4-5 reps of each round go really smoothly before my body realized what was happening, leaving around 3 reps that truly sucked.