Saturday, 4/4
April 4, 2015
Monday, 4/6
April 5, 2015


3 Rounds of
18 Jumping Jacks
12 Band Good Mornings
6 Spider Lunge w/ reach up on both Sides
3-2-1 Band X-Walk


1 Minute Single Leg Flexion w/ ER each side

Strength – Back Squat (25 min)
– – Prep – –
1 x 10 w/ bar, 5, 5, 5

– – Work – –
10, 10, 10*
* work sets should be at a weight that is moderate but not challenging

– – Prep – –
10 Minutes to work up to moderate Sumo DeadlIft

– – Work – –
EMOM for 20min (5 Rounds each) of
A) 5 Sumo Deadlifts (~40-50% Traditional DL 1 RM)
B) 10 OH Plate Sit-ups
C) 10 Heavy Russian KB Swings
D) 10 V-Ups

Spinal Twist series- 1 minute in each position:
Right ankle over left knee, lower to left side
Right ankle over left knee, lower to right side
Left ankle over right knee, lower to right side
Left ankle over right knee, lower to left side


  1. Dray says:

    Why hello there high rep squats, it’s been a little while (from my notes, August was the last time I made it for over 5 reps in the last working set). This was a bit unpleasant but luckily working with Dave I pushed through 175 on the second set of 10. Made it but didn’t feel good about the last couple reps so backed off on the third and I’m happy with that. The met-con wasn’t too bad with 185# on the deadlifts but I think my lower body is going to be sore enough to match my arms and shoulders today.