Saturday, 4/11
April 10, 2015
Monday, 4/13
April 12, 2015


2 rounds of
6 Lunge & Twist in both directions (twist to side of front knee)
6 Pillar-to-Plank (be sure to alternate which arm you press up with first!)
6 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
6 Lunge & Lean (extend both arms overhead and lean to same side as front knee)
6 Push-Up to Side Star


Supine Self-Bully Stretch (90sec/side)
E.g.: right hand under low back, reach left hand towards right shoulder, placing fingers of left hand on the floor by the right shoulder, then gently roll towards the right side as much as possible, keeping the palm of the right hand on the floor at all times (to increase stretch, take left leg over right)

Skill – Split Jerk Technique (unweighted)
1 x 4 Drop Power Jerk
– press up on toes, then drop while shifting the feet from under the hips to under the shoulders;


1 x 4 Drop Power Jerk stepping to Split Jerk
– perform the Tip Toe drill above, but after landing, step one leg forward and the other leg back into the split jerk position; alternate sides;


1 x 6 Drop Split Jerk
– press up on toes, then drop while shifting the feet from under the hips to under the shoulders

Strength – Jerk Complex (from the rack – 30min)
– – Prep Sets – – 
1 x 6 BTN Strict Press (bar only);
1 x 6 BTN Push Press (w/ light weight);
1 x 6 BTN Power Jerk (w/ light-mod weight);

– – Work Sets – – 
7 x 1 Power Jerk + 1 Weak-Side Split Jerk + 1 Strong-Side Split Jerk
– first split jerk should be with the weak or unnatural leg forward, second with the strong leg forward

Partner Met-Con
DB Lunge*
* Two DBs, one in each hand, held by the side (M@ ~1/2 BW, W@ ~1/3 BW)
** Scale Down=Knees on Floor or Hands on Box; Scale up = hands on 15 or 15lb bumpers
– 1 partner @ each station, each must complete all reps of both exercises (so 24 lunges & 24 push-ups, then 20 & 20, etc.)


  1. Katie says:

    Split jerks continue to be much harder for me than power jerks, but this practice definitely helped because I felt better with the position by the last set. Worked from 63# to 73#, a little lighter than I thought I might be able to do, but I was trying to focus on the legwork and wanted to use weights I was confident I could get up even if my form was a little off.

    I went super-light with 10# DB since lunges sometimes cause me hip pain, and I think I was able to maintain decent core stability because I didn’t have any discomfort during or after. Push-ups from my knees probably weren’t perfect, but I don’t think I snaked up TOO badly. Looking forward to some soreness from this metcon tomorrow!