Saturday, 4/18
April 18, 2015
Monday, 4/20
April 19, 2015


4 Rounds of
4 Alt T Push-ups
4 Hanging Scap Retractions
4 Dolphin Push-ups
4 Hip Bridges


:30 Band shoulder Rotations, followed by :30 Band Cross Overs (do both on one side before switching sides)
– Click links for video demo (Rotations at 2:20 mark, Crossovers @ 3:20 mark)

Strength – Floor Press (40 Min)
– – Prep- –
1 x 5 w/ bar, 2-3 x 3 working up

– – Work Sets – –
Alternate between:

  1. Floor Press 5-5-/-5-5-5 (use same weight for last 3 sets)
  2. 5-8 One Arm DB Rows each side (feet parallel, opposite arm on box/bench; start w/ weak arm, and match reps w/ strong arm)

4 rounds, NFT, of
40 M Overhead KBs walk (20 M out, 20 M back)
40 M Farmers carry


  1. Katie says:

    I haven’t done that mobility too often and I’d forgotten how good it feels and how much it opens up the shoulders! I’ll have to do that more often.

    It was very fun lifting with Lizzy and Amelia today – two partners I don’t often get the pleasure of working with! Fortunately it worked out well since we each added 10# from the previous person. I did my 5 sets starting at 68, then 73 for the last 4, which felt about right. I was struggling a bit until Coach Jessi corrected my form to ensure my arm was perpendicular to the floor and I was really engaging my shoulders, not trying to use my triceps. That made quite a difference, though the sets were still challenging and I struggled to keep form.

    I underestimated the accessory work big-time! I thought I could do 25# for OH, then seeing how hard it was for Amelia and Lizzy I went to 20# DB, which was a better choice. I tried not to overarch on the OH carry, but inevitably I know I did to some extent. Farmers carry was so much better, even with 35# DB….always a favorite of mine and I’m happy whenever it comes up! My shoulders were SO smoked after this one, wow….I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow!