Friday, 4/24
April 24, 2015
Sunday, 4/26
April 25, 2015


2 Rounds of
6 Cross Arm Chest Swings (alternate which arm is above the other each rep)
6 Over-Under Scap Touches
6 Push-Up to Side Star


2 Rounds of
6 Squats
6 Spider Lunges/side
6 PVC Sotts Press to OHS (lower to squat hold; press PVC to OH; OHS to stand; lower PVC to back & repeat)


60sec/side Self-Bully stretch

Skill – Snatch Balance Technique (unweighted)
1 x 5 Pressing Snatch Balance (partner assisted)
– w/ feet in OHS position & PVC across shoulders, slowly press down into the OHS position;
– have partner stand behind with their hands on the PVC to provide resistance from pressing the PVC into the air


1 x 5 Heaving Snatch Balance (NO partner assistance)
– w/ feet in the OHS position & PVC across shoulders, perform a slight dip & drive before quickly pressing down into the OHS position;

Strength – Snatch Balance
7 x 3 Heaving Snatch Balance
– first set w/ bar only; then add weight as able/desired

6min AMRAP of
12 Lateral Plate Hops (O&B=1)
9 Russian Twist (O&B=1)
6 Off-set Plate Push-Ups*
* complete a push-up w/ 1 hand on the bumper plate & 1 hand on the floor, then switch to the other side of the plate & repeat

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