Saturday, 4/25
April 25, 2015
Monday, 4/27
April 26, 2015


3 rounds of
5 Rolling Split Straddles
10 Squats
15 Band Good Mornings
10 Supine Scorpion
3-2-1 Band X-walk


1 Minute single Leg Flexion/side

Strength – Back Squat (30 Min)
– – Prep – –
1 x 10 w/ bar, 5-5-(5)

– – Work – –

– Work sets should be tough but not max effort, RPE of 8-9

Accessory – Sumo DL (30 Min time cap total)
In groups of up to 3, spend 10 Minutes working up to moderate 3 Rep Sumo DL;


6 Rounds of
3 Sumo DL
3 Box Jumps
3 Burpee Box Jump Overs
3 Burpees

– Follow the leader, but begin when person in front finishes Burpee Box jump overs; Rest while others go.

Band Hamstring Series


  1. Reg (CFDC's ODB) says:

    Today’s 11:30 a.m. class at the 14th Street location – how can I say this in a eloquent manner? – rocked! 🙂 Everyone was full of energy and good vibes, the coaching was solid (as always), and the workout was “killer good.”

    I tip my hat to *everyone* in this class; you ladies and gents “rocked da house” (you know who you are). 🙂

    I arrived at this class with a lot of energy (thanks to a decent night’s sleep, a good breakfast, and Winnie’s yoga workshop). All of my squats – from barbell prep to the final four (at 80% of my one-rep max) – felt great.

    The met-con was fun; plus, I had a great partner in Andrew who gave me a push every-now-and-then (thanks dude!). 🙂