CrossFit DC and the CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional Competition
May 1, 2015
Sunday, 5/3
May 2, 2015


3 rounds of
6 Lunge & Twist (twist to side of front knee)
6 Pillar-to-Plank (be sure to alternate which arm you press up with first!)
6 Lunge & Lean (w/ arm extended OH, lean to same side as front knee)
6 Push-Up to Side Star

Skill – Split Jerk Technique (unweighted)
1 x 4 Drop Power Jerk to Split Jerk
– perform a Drop Power Jerk, then step one leg forward and the other leg back into the split jerk position (alt. sides);
1 x 6 Drop Split Jerk
– press up on toes, then drop while shifting the feet from under the hips to under the shoulders (alt. sides)

Strength – Jerk Complex (from the rack – 30min)
– – Prep Sets – – 
1 x 6 BTN Strict Press (bar only)
1 x 6 BTN Push Press (w/ light weight)
1 x 6 BTN Power Jerk (w/ light-mod weight)

– – Work Sets – – 
7 x 1 Power Jerk + 1 Weak-Side Split Jerk + 1 Strong-Side Split Jerk
– first split jerk should be with the weak or unnatural leg forward, second with the strong leg forward

Partner Met-Con
6min AMRAP of
6 DB Deadlifts + 6 DB Hang Cleans + 6 DB Push Press
9 OH Plate Lunges/side (18 total)
– both partners working at the same time at different exercise and then switch places when both are done


  1. Katie says:

    I was feeling pretty sluggish so stayed light to work on split jerk form, worked up to 63#. With Steph’s help I think I discovered that my left leg forward may be my strong side.

    20# DB for the metcon, and my lower back wasn’t feeling great on lunges so I dropped the plate altogether and did unweighted, which felt okay. DB DL are kind of awkward!