Tuesday, 5/19
May 19, 2015
Thursday, 5/21
May 20, 2015


3 rounds of
6 Lunge & Twist (twist to side of front knee)
6 Pillar-to-Plank (be sure to alternate which arm you press up with first!)
6 Lunge & Lean (w/ arm extended OH, lean to same side as front knee)
6 Push-Up to Side Star

Skill – Split Jerk Technique (unweighted)
1 x 2 Drop Power Jerk w/ Step to Split Jerk (alt. side);
1 x 6 Drop Split Jerk

Strength – Jerk Complex (from the rack – 30min)
Prep Sets
1 x 6 BTN Push Press (bar only)
1 x 6 BTN Power Jerk (bar only)
1 x 6 BTN Split Jerk (bar only; alt. sides)

Work Sets
7 x 1 Weak-Side Split Jerk + 1 Strong-Side Split Jerk
– first split jerk should be with the weak or unnatural leg forward, second with the strong leg forward

6min AMRAP of
6 single arm DB Push Press (weak hand)
12 Sit-Ups
6 single arm DB Push Press (weak hand)
12 Athletic Burpees (no push-up)

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