Thursday, 5/21
May 20, 2015
Saturday, 5/23
May 23, 2015

Photo Credit: The CrossFit Games media team


3 rounds of
6 Knee-to-Elbow Bird Dogs/side
6 Pillar-to-Plank (alternate the arm you press up with)
6 Reverse Hand Spider Lunge
6 Squat to Bootstrapper


1min/side of Super Front Rack Stretch w/ Band (one end around the wrist, other end attached to upright at knee level instead of standing on it)

Strength – Clean (30 Min)
3 x 2 Reversing Pause Clean Extension + 2 Hi-Hang Power Clean
– reminder: back tight, and if the bar is moving, the hips are moving (legs do the work!)

7 x 1 Low-Hang Clean + 1 Hi-Hang Clean + 1 Low-Hang Clean

400m Run
20 DB Snatch + 2 OH Lunge*
400m Run

* each rep = 1 DB snatch followed by a lunge with each leg while holding the DB in the overhead position (may step backwards into the lunge); rep count is total, so 10/side
– 12min timecap

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