Saturday, 5/30
May 30, 2015
Monday, 6/1
May 31, 2015


3 Rounds of
15 Band Good Mornings
12 Squats
6 Spider Lunge w/ reach Up
3 Rolling Split Straddles
90 Seconds Single Leg Flexion/side

Strength – Back Squat (30 Min)
Prep: 1 x 10 w/ Bar, 10-5-5-5
Work: 1 x 10 moderate, then establish 20 Rep Max*
*Aim for ~60-70%; Take breaths as needed at top
If attempt fails under 15 reps, lower weight and try again (with 4-5 minute rest)

Team Met-Con
– in Teams of 4-6
– 35 Min Time cap

25 cal Row / KB Goblet Squat Hold (M:20kg, W:12 kg)
25 DB Thrusters / Hanging Hold
20 Toes to Bar / Plank Hold
15 Burpees/ Hand Stand Hold
Then, back through
15 Burpees / Hand Stand Hold
20 Toes to Bar / Plank Hold
25 DB Thrusters / Hanging Hold
25 cal Row / KB Goblet Squat Hold

Scale Hanging hold DB Farmer hold (only if they cannot hang from bar)
Scale T2B to Hanging Knee Raise or V Ups
Scale Handstand Hold to Pike on Box

Teams begin Follow the leader style, with Person doing static hold for while next person completes the exercise before hold: First person begins second set of burpees while Last person completes their initial hold at the turn-around

Example: A Row, then holds Goblet Squat While B Rows; then A moves on to DB Thrusters while B holds Goblet Squat as long as it takes C to Row; Last person moves to static hold as soon as they are finished if station is free, and holds until person in front of them moves on.


  1. Jane says:

    This workout was silly hard. 1 x 20 at 154 felt like death’s older brother. Huge thanks to Jonathan for getting me through.

  2. Dray says:

    Hate high reps like this; really just not motivated enough to keep pushing, I guess. Went for 145# and made it through – light-headed but not broken, so probably could have gone a little heavier but happy to have survived.

    This metcon was pretty rough with the static holds all being difficult for the amount of time needed to complete the paired movements. And thrusters after a 20 rep back squat and a squat hold? Cruel.

  3. Katie says:

    Today was progress for me because I squatted without discomfort during or after! I subbed front squats and did my set of 20 at 45#, focusing on form. I think my form was decent, though I might have been bouncing a little out of the bottom. Still, the fact that I did that volume without hip pain was very good. Hopefully this is the beginning of a squat comeback!

    That metcon was brutal, I was kind of falling apart halfway through it. My bar hang was pathetic, and usually I’m decent at that. Thanks to Dray, Anthony, Chris, and Caroline for being a great team and pushing through. The one benefit of a confusing workout is the extra rest time you get when you’re asking “wait, what are we doing?” I have even more appreciation now for what the Regional teams (and judges) went through with their similarly-structured workout!

  4. Jane says:

    Dray, thrusters after a squat hold should be illegal.