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Monday, 6/1
May 31, 2015
Tuesday, 6/2
June 2, 2015
Because a little help goes a long way

Because a little help goes a long way

Just when you thought things were starting to settle down a bit, CrossFit DC is back at it, with a new class, a new multi-class seminar, and updates to gym hours. We’re also planning out some new web and blog content in addition to our mountain of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fun.

So gear up, and get ready!


Base Camp – acclimation for the best ascent into fitness

For every time that you have heard a coach, teacher, or parent utter the phrase “practice like you play,” don’t you wish there was a booming loudspeaker that reminded these know-it-alls that first, you have to know how to practice?

This week, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to CrossFit DC programming, “Base Camp,” a weekly class specifically designed to meets the needs of our newest athletes.

We’re proud that the CrossFit DC community is so welcoming to members of all skill and strength levels. But we also recognize that it can sometimes be intimidating to transition straight from Elements to larger, open-level classes, and train alongside more experienced athletes who may be working at higher weights or more advanced scaling options.

Base Camp will provide a bridge option, specifically tailored to the newest members of our community (< 2-3 months out of Elements).  Base Camp classes will build on our introductory series, combining the small-group setting and focused instruction of Elements with the CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting movements that anchor our gym-wide programming, to help newer members develop the strength, skill, and confidence to transition into our open-level classes.

because there has to be a better way to get a step up in the gym...

because there has to be a better way to get a step up in the gym…


Who can attend

  • CFDC members who are less than 2-3 months out from Elements. The program will build on what you learned in Elements and help you transition into our open-level classes.

When is it offered?

  • Saturdays from 1-2 pm at 14th St, and from 11:30am-12:30pm at H St (the same times as our Free Intro class). No special registration is needed. Just show up!

What will be covered?

  • Base Camp will have a revolving focus on high-priority movements, including:
    • * determining current strength levels, with a focus on squatting and pressing
    • * furthering understanding of the Olympic lifts
    • * reinforcing Kettlebell movements
    • * developing a better foundation of gymnastic movements like Toes-to-bar
    • * nailing down the technique for movements like Rowing and Double-Unders
  • You’ll walk away from Base Camp with a clear understanding of your working weights for Olympic lifts, as well as the best scaling options for you when high-skill movements come up in class.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no additional charge; it is an added benefit of your CFDC membership. Each session will count as one class toward your monthly membership package. For Elements graduates, this will count as one of your four free classes.

If I choose to go to a Base Camp class, can I still attend regular classes?

  • YES! Base Camp will be a workout, but it is designed to complement our programming: you can still go to class on Friday or Sunday; however, we don’t recommend going to regular class on the same day.

Will I know in advance what we’re going to cover each Saturday?

  • Yes. Each Wednesday, we will post what Base Camp will cover during the coming weekend. Check the “Open Gym” page on our blog ( -> Blog -> Open Gym) to see what’s planned for that week.

How will Base Camp affect other CrossFit DC classes?

  • All classes at CrossFit DC will remain scaleable for all levels and inclusive of all backgrounds, and everyone will still receive the coaching and attention they need. This is not a change in our training philosophy, it’s an expansion of it.



Controlled Chaos – avoiding the avalanche

While we’re extremely excited about the addition of the Base Camp class above, the addition of a new class on Saturday’s coincides with some necessary updates to our current Open Gym schedule.

In the past, we’ve been fairly liberal about having people use available space in the gym outside of class time. This was especially true at our 14th St location. However, an expanding membership coupled with an expanding class and program offering necessitates a change in this process.

We’re proud that our coaching is what defines us within the CrossFit community, and want to make sure that distinction remains, so that every athlete in any class receives a coach’s utmost attention. To do that, we need to decrease unnecessary disruptions to any of our classes. This includes Open Gym workouts that interfere with Elements or Free Intro classes, and the distractions that come with Open Gym goers attempting to retrieve or return equipment during regular class. On the other hand, we also want to make sure that we retain some level of flexibility to account for growing programming options, as well as members’ varying goals and needs.

Below are the detailed changes in both Open Gym hours, as well as an update to our Open Gym policy. The Open Gym hours will be posted at their respective location, and will go into effect as of Saturday, 6/6/15.

Time Changes

Starting Saturday, June 6, our general Open Gym times will be as follows:

at 14th St

  • 8-9am (Mon-Fri, front and back rooms)
  • 1-2pm (Mon-Fri, front and back rooms)
  • 9-10am (Sat-Sun, front room only)
  • 2-4pm (Sat only, front and back rooms)
  • 1-2pm (Sun only, front and back rooms)

H St

  • 8-9am (Mon-Fri)
  • 4:30-5:30pm (Mon-Fri)
  • 9-10am (Sat-Sun)
  • 1-3pm (Sat only)
  • 11:30-2pm (Sun only)

The Open Gym hours listed above will continue to be available to any unlimited member (“Proven” membership). In addition, the following time slots will be made available to members who are enrolled in one of CrossFit DC’s competitive programming tracks:

at 14th St

  • 4:30-6:45pm (Mon-Fri, front room only)

at H St

  • 6:30-7:30pm (Mon-Fri)

An exception to the above may also be made for any member on a case by case basis, so long as that member has received prior permission. Anyone using the gym during any of the Open Gym hours listed will need to check in with the coach in charge, and is expected to avoid disrupting class, whether to obtain or put away equipment.



“Give a girl the right cues, and she can conquer the world!”

Coach Kate D. at the ready

Coach Kate D. at the ready

With all apologies to Marilyn Monroe for the slightly adjusted quote above, CFDC is excited to offer our first Women’s Seminar, a four-week program specifically dedicated to our female athletes, focused on building strength, confidence, and camaraderie in a supportive, inspiring environment.

Our program will include weightlifting, gymnastics progressions, and round-table discussion. We will focus on the mental and physical aspects of “lifting smarter” within the framework of a mini strength cycle, address the challenges of gymnastics movements, and offer progressions and assistance work that you can follow outside of regular class to achieve proficiency in these skills.  Each day we will finish with discourse on a topic of your choice, and a fun workout together!

Classes are open to members only, and will be held every Saturday for the next four weeks (6/6, 6/13, 6/20, & 6/27) starting at 4pm. All levels, abilities, and backgrounds are welcome!

To register, please email and use the subject line “CFDC Women’s Seminar.


Have we “peaked” your interest? Sure hope so!

As always, feel free to leave a comment, or email us, with any questions. Look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!

The CrossFit DC Team

CrossFit DCLift Smarter, Work Harder, Get Stronger. PROVEN.


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