Food for Thought
June 9, 2015
Thursday, 6/11
June 10, 2015


3 Rounds of
10 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
10 Dead Bugs
10 Alt Samson Lunges
10 Squats


1 Min Band Super Front Rack stretch/ side
1 Min Death stretch/ side

Strength – Front Rack Lunge (20 Min)
Prep: 10 w/ bar, 6-6
Work: 12-10-8-6

Team Met-Con (20 min cap)
3 rounds of
8 Burpees
4 Front Squats
8 Lunges
4 Front squats
8 Burpees

Weight Options:
M @ 155/135/95/75
W @ 113/93/63/45
2-3 people to a bar; Complete one Round, then rest while partner(s) go.


  1. Kenna says:

    Got to 88# on the lunges, feeling much stronger on those. Used 53# on the metcon. Front squats are my nemesis.

  2. Dray says:

    Well this looks familiar… see comment from:

    Two differences: Only two people in a group this time and because that didn’t make it challenging enough to have less rest, Dave pushed me to 105# on the metcon instead of 95#. Really, I doubt these made it any worse. Still just awful; third round couldn’t hold the bar in rack position when switching between squats and lunges, definitely couldn’t catch my breath.