How it’s HANGing
June 16, 2015
Thursday, 6/18
June 17, 2015

Not to be jerks about it or anything, but before or after lifting today, perhaps you should jump over and read out latest blog article, “How it’s HANGing,” for an inside look at CrossFit DC’s current technique-heavy Olympic lifting cycle — how we’ve been improving our lifting technique, why it matters, and when we’ll get to put it all to the test.

Andrew finding the split-jerk sweet spot.

Andrew finding the split-jerk sweet spot.

3 Rounds of
6 Lunge & Twist (twist to side of front knee)
6 Pillar-to-Plank (be sure to alternate which arm you press up with first!)
6 Lunge & Lean (w/ arm extended OH, lean to same side as front knee)
6 Push-Up to Side Star


1 x 6 Drop Split Jerk (alt sides; unweighted & w/out PVC)

Strength – Jerk Complex (from the rack – 25min)
– – Prep Sets – –
1 x 6 BTN Push Press (bar or light weight)
1 x 6 BTN Power Jerk (same as previous set)
1 x 6 BTN Split Jerk (same weight as previous set; alt. sides)

– – Work Sets – –
6 x 1 Power Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

5 rds of
:20 Strict Press (bar only)
:20 Rest
:20 Goblet squat (KB or DB)
:20 Rest
:20 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
:20 Rest
– bars may be taken from the rack

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