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June 17, 2015
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June 19, 2015

More ways to fill your spare time. More? Yes, MORE! We’re excited too.


On the heels of offering more options for programming, we’ve had multiple requests from members that CrossFit DC offer cots, bunk beds, or any way for ya’ll to spend even more time in the gym. (We have the sneaking suspicion some of you are already squatters). Unfortunately, room-and-board is not an option right now, more’s the pity. But, we do have new ways for you to make the most of the extra time you are spending here, including a re-introduction of our Open Gym programming, an expansion of our competitor’s program, and another infamous CFDC July Fourth holiday workout. Read on to find out more.


More Power to Younew & improved Open Gym programming

Our new and improved open gym programming is designed for athletes who want to spend extra time developing and improving skill sets that are tough to focus on in the middle of a workout.

Think of it as a partner to the Base Camp program we recently announced. Whereas Base Camp is for recent Elements graduates, our Open Gym programming is for athletes who want to get an extra leg up — but aren’t quite ready for our higher-level Competition programs (more on that below).

The design of the Open Gym programming will complement our regular classes, and will be primarily skill based: drilling Olympic lifts, repeating gymnastics technique progressions, and even hitting the good ole practice blocks. (Wash, rinse, repeat.)

Starting the week of July 6th, we’ll begin posting new weekly workouts. Posts will be up by Friday night, and can be found under the “Open Gym” tab of the blog (currently home to our Base Camp pots as well).

There’s no need to sign up, and no additional fee if you already have an unlimited membership. Of course, we’d love to hear from everyone whom participates: what worked for you, what you’d like to work on, and, of course, any big break-throughs!


The More, the MerrierCFDC’s competitive programming


CFDC Teams enjoy a little recovery time post-Flex on the Mall (photo cred: Isra P.)

If you’re following us on Facebook (hint, hint), you’ve seen CrossFit DC athletes tearing it up at competitions across the area (including the recent Atlas Games and Flex on the Mall, not to mention the CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional!). Contrary to popular opinion, these members are not mythical fitness unicorns (they’re actually some other unidentified beast) and you too can take your training to the next level.

We offer two tracks of Competitive Programming: “Leash” and “Cage,” so named because there are some animals you don’t let off the leash, and some you don’t even bother letting out of the cage.

  • Leash
    The “Leash” track is primarily aimed at improving an athlete’s performance in the CrossFit Games’ yearly Open competition;
  • Weekly programming includes up to 4 additional workouts/week, to be done at the athlete’s convenience;
  • $30/mos (in addition to an unlimited membership at CrossFit DC);
  • Mandatory test-in (details below);
  • General guidelines: should be able to power clean 185+/120+ pounds, squat snatch 115+/75+ pounds, Deadlift 225+/165+ pounds for multiple reps, and complete multiple chest-to-bar pull-ups and unbroken double-unders.
  • Cage
    The “Cage” track is designed for Regional capable athletes and beyond;
  • Weekly programming includes up to 6 additional workouts, with designated days for work and rest;
  • $30/mos (in addition to an unlimited membership at CrossFit DC);
  • Mandatory test-in (details below)
  • General guidelines: athletes should be able to power clean 225+/150+ pounds, squat snatch 165+/105+ pounds, Deadlift 315+/210+ pounds for multiple reps, and complete multiple muscle-ups, handstand push-ups and pistols.

As mentioned above, members must test-in for both tracks. The test-ins are roughly an hour long, and will be comprised of a strength/skill portion and a workout portion. Applicants will be judged on their ability to complete the required movements as described at the outset of the workout. The next test-ins will be the weekends of June 28th/29th and July 12th/13th. To register your interest, click on the link below to jump to the sign-up form.

CrossFit DC Competitor’s Program Sign-Up Form

Of course, participation in the Competitor’s Program is NOT a prerequisite for competing! Quite the opposite. In fact, a large number of those CFDCers who participated in this year’s Flex on the Mall were not enrolled in our Competitors program, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to compete in local competitions. Our competition programs are aimed at those who simply want a little more and are up to the task of handling a little extra volume.


More Fun than you can Shake a Stick at4th of July at CrossFit DC

Ah, the joys of mid-summer in DC: Oppressive humidity, oblivious interns, and CFDC’s outstanding Fourth of July holiday workout!

In keeping with CFDC tradition, we will continue to hold classes through-out the Independence Day holiday, albeit following a slightly reduced schedule.

  • Friday, 7/3: Morning and Noon classes as regularly scheduled (inc. Open Gym), but all evening classes are cancelled (both locations);
  • Saturday, 7/4: one Special Holiday workout at each location (9am at 14th St; 11am at H St);
  • Sunday, 7/5: one class only at 10am (both locations), all other classes and Open Gym are CANCELLED;
  • Monday, 7/6: regular schedule resumes (both locations);

Please Note that CrossFit DC’s outing to a National’s ballgame has been rescheduled from July 5th to August 8th/9th.


Need I say More?

No? We’ve said more than enough? Well, OK then. In that case, we’ll leave you alone for now, and simply say that will be back soon with…some, um, other stuff. Until then, see you in the gym.

The CrossFit DC Team

CrossFit DC. Lift Smarter, Work Harder, Get Stronger. PROVEN.

Many thanks to our own Will P. for help in putting this post together.
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  1. Jane says:

    SO CLOSE to Leash – more reason to try and get pull ups (damn you, lack of upper body strength!)

    For Open Gym programming – can there be some running/metcon stuff included in that as well?