Monday, 6/22
June 21, 2015
Ask the Coach: Jerk Recovery
June 23, 2015


3 Rounds of
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Spider Lunges
5 Quadruped extension and rotation/side
5 Band Sword Pulls/ Side


1 Minute Death Stretch /Side
1 Minute band OH Stretch/ Side

6 x 5min Rounds* of:
8 Box Jumps
12 Alt DB Snatch
8 Burpees
24 Squats

* Finish Round of 8/12/8/24 As Fast As Possible, then rest until next round begins on 5 min mark.

Cool Down
90 Seconds/side Spinal Twist w/ Hip Flexor emphasis


  1. Dray says:

    Well, just like rowing, a bunch of squats makes box jumps a little risky. And it didn’t help having squishy shoes from perfect timing with the storm but made it through! Needed a workout like this after a poor showing and low expectations for the 1RM attempts; hopefully working out all the badness from way too much travel.