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June 25, 2015
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June 26, 2015
As two of our longest-time members at H Street, Maggie and Matt R. have long impressed us with their consistency, hard work, and relentlessly positive attitudes — whether at 6am or 6:30pm; weekdays or weekends; in class or during open gym (even during, say, a casual 150 wallballs or so, right Maggie?).  And we’ve always admired how well they seem to balance family, work, and fitness, all while chasing after (or being chased by) their two-year-old.  Role models indeed.
Matt and Maggie
You all may have noticed these same things. What you might not have realized, however, is that behind those calm demeanors runs a good-natured streak of mischievousness.

How long have you been doing CrossFit, and what inspired you to begin?

Maggie:  About 5 years. I didn’t have enough rhythm to do body pump and spin so I gave CrossFit a shot and am hooked on the variety, short workouts, and results. Depending on the song playing during the WOD, I may now have enough rhythm to kind of pull off double-unders.

Matt:  5 years.  My previous running and lifting routine got really stale.  Also, those five finger shoes were fascinating.


Any nicknames that we may or may not be aware of?

Maggie:  I’ve been trying to give myself a sweet nickname for years with no luck. My rugby teammates called me grandma for my not-so-lightning fast speed on the field.

Matt:  Matts were popping out left and right in the 70’s.  I get called by my last name quite a bit.


What do you do when you aren’t flinging heavy weights around the gym?  

Maggie:  I hang out with my nutty 2-year old, crunch numbers for the man, and play the banjo.

Matt:  I play my guitars and nurture our 2-year-old’s nuttiness.


In the gym, are you two A) fierce competitors, B) devoted teammates, C) fierce-competitors-masquerading-as-devoted-teammates, D) other?

Matt and Maggie:  D. Other – a rather-be-doing-a-metcon’er and a crap-I-forgot-what-round-I’m-on’er.
If you could put Coach Chris and Coach Tom through any workout in the world, what would it be?
Maggie:  Partner WOD – “The Moonlanding.” 50 simultaneous back-to-back hips-to-wall.
Matt:  200 alternating deadbugs for time.


If you could be granted one superhero power for one day, what would it be?

Maggie:  Probability vision – it would help my maximize my ability to cherry pick WODs.
Matt:  Bionic scapulas so that they could finally be sufficiently pinched – if only for a day.
Favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements?
Maggie:  Favorite movement is box jumps even though I land like I’m in that show Stomp, and my least favorite used to be thrusters but now it’s anything with the word “pause” in front of it.
Matt:  Favorites are front squats and wall balls.  Least favorite is the snatch.


Tell us about a goal you’re working toward, in the gym or beyond.

Maggie:  I’m working towards stringing pull ups together one pull up at a time.
Matt:  Butterfly-kip before the next Fran.
Why do you do CrossFit?
Maggie: It’s fun to try challenging things with a group of great people who also like to try challenging things.
Matt:  To get buff.


  1. Tom says:

    Maggie, I was known one to one of my rugby coaches as “Flash”, but I always assumed because I was fast. could I have been missing something?