The Method Behind the Magic (and Madness)
June 30, 2015
Thursday, 7/2
July 1, 2015

July 4th Reminder!
Hours for this upcoming weekend will be as follows:

  • Fri, 7/3: Morning & Noon classes as regularly scheduled (inc. Open Gym)
    • all evening classes are CANCELLED (both locations);
  • Sat, 7/4: Special Holiday workout (9am at 14th St & 11am at H St);
    • all other classes and Open Gym are CANCELLED;
  • Sun, 7/5: one class only at 10am (both locations)
    • all other classes and Open Gym are CANCELLED;
  • Mon, 7/6: regular schedule resumes (both locations)


2 Rounds of
8 Lunge & Twist (twist to side of front knee)
8 Reverse Hand Spider Lunge
8 Pillar-to-Plank
8 Bird-Dog Plank (scale to hands & knees)
8 Lunge & Lean (w/ arm extended OH, lean to same side as front knee)


1min/side Super Front Rack

Skill – Split Clean (25min)
4 alt Drop-to-Split Position (unweighted, hands behind back)
6 alt Drop-to-Split Clean (unweighted, arms pull into front rack position)

7 x 2 alt Hang Split Clean + 1 Hang Clean (pwr or sqt)
– first set with bar only, then add weight as able/desired
– Scale Down to 3 Hang Clean

Met-Con (15min timecap)
400m Run,
400m Farmer’s Carry (AHAP)
400m Run
(400m Farmer’s Carry – only if first 3 legs complete within 9min)
– weights must start and end from a position in front of the pull-up rig (may not be left by the door)


  1. Kenna says:

    Split cleans might be my new favorite! Since I was going a little lighter I made myself practice full squat cleans for the third reps, which was definitely the most challenging for me today. Worked to 83#.

    Not sure what I was thinking going into the metcon… First time I’ve ever used a pair of 40#dbs for anything. Grip was killer and it was surprisingly exhausting. Would not have made it around the whole block without Coach Kate. Hit 15min on the nose.

  2. Dray says:

    Split cleans were… weird. Kept the weight really light but they actually started feeling better as I moved up. I’ve missed all the split jerk practice recently so this was good practice in being fast and landing in a balanced position at the very least. This was a fun way to really emphasize fast elbows and keeping the bar close which is true for squat cleans, too, but I tend to fall over pretty quickly with the slightest mistake there.

    I didn’t remember how terrible a farmer’s carry can be. I had a range in mind for weight and, truly sadly, the DBs at the upper ends of that range were all taken before I made my move! So I made my loop with 45#. This was pretty terrible but definitely not AHAP, which meant I was moving fast enough to earn the second loop. I dropped the weight even further for that round but once I was right about halfway around it started raining and I had several moments of questioning life decisions like this one.