Saturday, 7/11
July 10, 2015
Sunday, 7/12
July 11, 2015

Jump Rope Progression(s)


15min practice, with roughly 2min per step, progressing as able. Start at Step 1, and work as far as possible. If you have consistent double unders, you may opt to work on cross-overs instead. However, everyone should start with Step 1, regardless of which track they choose to follow.

Step 1 = 100 unbroken single skips
Step 2 = 3-5 single skips + 1 double under //OR// 3-5 single skips + 1 cross-over
Step 3 = 2-3 single skips + 1 double under //OR// 2-3 single skips + 1 cross-over
Step 4 = 1-2 single skips + 1 double under //OR// 1-2 single skips + 1 cross-over
Step 5 = max unbroken double unders //OR// max unbroken cross-overs*

*attempt in both directions (so if natural instinct is to have right arm leading – i.e., right under the left – be sure to try leading with the left arm – i.e., left under the right


  1. Julia says:

    Double-unders have been one of the toughest movements for me to conquer, but lately I’ve been proud to see some progress.

    I tried crossovers for the first time some months ago at Steph and Chris’s suggestion, just as another DU practice option. On one hand, it seemed helpful to get in some jump-rope time while mixing up the challenge a little. On the other hand, my trip-ups on the crossovers pretty much just mirrored my trip-ups on DU, doubling (no pun intended) my frustration in the interim without seeming to add much in the long run.

    So, first time in a long time trying crossovers again when I gave this progression a go over the weekend — and lo and behold, I was able to switch off between skips and crossovers, at least for a few sets at a time, and even string some crossovers together! Still tripping up/sputtering out somewhat though – Steph pointed out that I needed to jump higher, which I think is true for when I start tripping up/dying out on my DU, too.

    It’s a long way to 10,000 hours ( Will keep at it!

    • Katie says:

      Oh wow, thanks for the great throwback blog post! I remember that post well (and the drunken alphabet burpees too).

      Question….with crossovers, are you supposed to do DU crossovers, or just singles?