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Monday, 7/13
July 12, 2015
Tuesday, 7/14
July 14, 2015

CFDC Members,

In the nearly 10 year since CrossFit DC became an affiliate, much has changed, especially within the walls of the gym (for some of us, even the walls of the gym have changed in that time!). More change is coming to CFDC over the next few months, specifically in the form of changing membership options.

In addition to our current month-month memberships, we will be adding 6-month and 12-month commitment memberships. Members who sign up for a 6- or 12-month commitment will see a nominal change in price, including a possible price decrease. However, members who wish to continue paying for a month-to-month membership will see an increase for retaining that continued flexibility. This change is not immediate, as we want to give our membership plenty of time to voice any questions or concerns they might have.



Why Now, and Why These Changes?

These membership options are being created as such for a few reasons:

  1. The past three years have seen a tremendous amount of growth at CrossFit DC, both in terms of membership (from one location to two) and scope (from classes only to an extensive array of program offerings). To continue this trend, we need to expand our staff of skilled, experienced coaches in order to continue providing you, our members, with the attention and offerings you deserve, and have come to expect.

  2. We have put a lot of time and effort into structuring our new membership offerings to find a way to minimize costs to you, our members, while also continuing to improve our services. We also wanted to create some distance from the DC government’s gym tax that was imposed last year, which resulted in a price increase for all our members, but which did not benefit the gym.

  3. We want to reward people who are committed to the gym. That’s why, as you can see below, the 6 or 12-month contracts offer a nominal price increase, or even a price decrease.

  4. We understand that many people lead hectic, busy lives and may not be able to attend as regularly as they’d like. We want to give members more flexibility, which is why we are instituting roll-overs for the limited class membership options, as well as decreased time requirements for notification of account holds.


What are the new Options?

New membership options are as follows:







Progress (limited)*





Proven (unlimited)*





* Military, Public Safety, and student discounts of 10% offered on 6-month and month-to-month packages


Other Changes?

These new plans will offer more flexibility.

  • Progress members will have 10 classes to use each month, but can carryover up to 3 unused classes each month. A maximum of 13 classes can be used in any month.

  • Contracts can be put on hold for a month or more, although holds will require a one-time fee of $25. However, the  membership end date will be extended by the length of the hold, and one month holds with a defined end date may have the administrative fee waived.

  • All plans will be auto-billed monthly (just like before), but instead of 30 days notice, we will now require 15 days notification for any changes to membership (including holds).

  • If a member is unable to meet their 6 or 12 month commitment for any reason, they will simply be responsible for the difference in price between their current plan and the month-to-month plan (For Example: a member who leaves after just three months at the gym, but was paying the rate for a six month commitment, would be charged $60, the difference between the mos-to-mos cost – $249 – and the 6mos commitment cost – $229 – multiplied by the three months that they were at the gym). Some gyms try to make money off of disuse or member absence, but we want you to be active and engaged; if something changes, we don’t want to unduly punish you, which is why we’re asking that you pay the difference, as opposed to the remaining cost of the outstanding commitment.


We know you will doubtlessly  have questions, and all existing members will have until September 30th to choose a new membership package (although, they are of course available immediately, should you wish to change to a new multi-month option).

Thank you for all you’ve done as members of our community to keep the gym growing and moving in the right. We’re extremely fortunate to have a body of members that puts so much faith in us, and we understand that changes such as these take time to absorb, and that many of you may have questions. We want to be as open and clear as we can about the changes we’re implementing, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to either Tom or Chris.

Tom, Chris, and the CrossFit DC Team

CrossFit DCLift Smarter, Work Harder, Get Stronger. Proven.

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