Monday, 7/20
July 19, 2015
From Injury to Ironman: the Road to Recovery and CrossFit DC
July 21, 2015


3 Rounds
6 Alt Push-ups
12 Supine Scorpion
6 Dolphin Push-ups
12 Alt Dead Bugs


1 minute OH Band stretch

EMOM 15 Min (5x each)

A) 3-5 Strict + Max kipping HSPU /OR/ 5-8 reps of Scaled Option*
B) 12 DB Bent Over Rows
C) 3-5 Dragon Flag /OR/ 15 V-Ups**

*HSPU options:
Rx’d = Ab Mat + 25# plate under hands;
Scale UP = Ab Mat + 35# plate, or larger, under hands (deficit);
Scale DOWN = Ab Mat w/ hands on floor; Pike Position w/ toes on Box, Pike Position w/ knees on Box, regular Push-up

** Dragon Flag: To perform, drive legs up into vertical position. Keep tension through whole body, lats to toes. Hold body in straight line as you lower as far as possible without collapsing. Raise up without breaking at hips if possible. Use ab mat under shoulders (not neck/head) to avoid pressure on the neck.

July 2015

4 Rounds of
Max unbroken Push Press at heaviest option under 50% of 1RM Jerk
20 Plate Russian Twists
Rest 1:30 between Sets

Wt Options for PP = M:135/115/95/75/55, W:93/73/63/45/33


  1. Jessie says:

    Dem legs.