Open Gym, 7/25 – 7/31
July 24, 2015
Sunday, 7/26
July 25, 2015


2 Rounds of
10 Lunge & Twist
8 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
6 Pillar-to-Plank
4 Push-Up to Side Star
2 Wall Walk


1 x 8-10 alternating Drop to Split Jerk

Strength – Jerk Complex (25min)
1 x 4 Dip Squat + 4 Push Press (bar);
1 x 4 Dip Squat + 4 Power Jerk (lt weight);
1 x 4 Dip Squat + 4 alt Split Jerk (alt sides; lt to mod weight)
– work towards 50% of max Jerk

6 sets, up to 65% of max jerk, of

1 Push Press – 1 Power Jerk – 2 alt. Split Jerk (1/side)

– do not exceed 65% (do not work to failure)
– if max effort jerk is unknown, work up to following options: M@75-115lbs; W@35-53lbs

400m Run
20 DB Man Maker
400m Run

– DB Man Maker = 1 Renegade Row w/ Rt arm (push-up & single arm row), 1 Renegade Row w/ Lf arm (push-up & single arm row), 1 DB Squat Clean, 1 DB Push Press (last two may be combined into “cluster”)


  1. Dray says:

    This was surprisingly more fun today than I expected. Split jerks are one of the few movements I still seem to avoid and never really practiced much so the chance to focus today and compare to the other variations by keeping things light was unusual. Definitely felt like I had a bit of a breakthrough since the push press started to get rough for my sets at 125# but hitting the split jerk I could feel a big difference in how much I could drop under even compared to the power jerk. Still was feeling heavy by the end of 4 reps on the last set but I doubt I could have done that many with a power jerk and definitely not with push press.