Wednesday, 7/29
July 28, 2015
Base Camp, 8/1/2015
July 29, 2015


3 Rounds of
10 Wrist Circle/dir,
10 Arm Circle/dir,
8 Squats,
8 Reverse Hand Spider Lunge,
6 Bird Dog Push-Ups

Strength – Clean Complex (30min)
3 rds of
1 Pause Extension
4 Hang High Pull
1 Hang Power Clean
4 Pause Front Squat
– work towards 55% of max Clean

6 sets, up to 70% of max clean, of

3 High Pull – 3 Hang Power Clean – 3 Pause Front Squat

– hands should remain on the bar for all 9 reps
– do not exceed 70% (do not work to failure)
– if max effort clean is unknown, work up to following options: M@85-115lbs; W@50-63

Team Met-Con
2 rounds of
25 Wall Ball
50 Double Under*
400 Run
– teams of up to 3 ppl; follow the leader
– 12min timecap
* scale DU to 100 single skips + 10 Burpees


  1. Dray says:

    Wallballs and running? How could I skip! The first 25 wallsballs may have actually felt the best of any I’ve ever done. Not sure if I was just at the perfect balance between rested and sore or if the work with cleans and front squats had gotten me nice and prepped without being worn out but the first 10 actually felt smooth. By the 25th they were getting ugly but that’s not something I do unbroken normally. Stepping outside for the run was rough, though. The air felt almost solid with the high humidity and even at a fairly slow pace I was struggling before getting back to the wall for round two. Paul coming in right as I dropped at 20 reps was a good motivator to finish and push through the rest, though, just to make sure my partner didn’t pass me!