Thursday, 9/10
September 10, 2015
Open Gym, 9/12 to 9/18
September 11, 2015


3 Rounds
6 Alt T Pushups
6 Quadruped Ext & Rotation/ side
6 Dolphin Pushups
6 Hip Bridges
6 Supine Scorpion

Floor Press (30 min)
Prep:1×5 w/ bar, 3,3,3
Work: 5-5-3-3-3

AMRAP 12 Minutes
Max Unbroken Pushups
15 Ab Mat Situps
Run 150 M

-score by total pushups


  1. Gav Clarke says:

    88 is the magic number today….sprint finish with Nick and no seconds to spare for a few last reps!

  2. Dray says:

    Planned on taking it light for this one after such a long break but was feeling good and worked up to 155# which is just under where I was a couple months ago. Started to feel the hips rise on the last rep but other than that a solid day.

    Max unbroken pushups kinda sucked though. Made it through 75 and by the end was struggling to hit 5 in a set before heading off for a run (think that was 6 or 7 sets).