Base Camp, 9/12/2015
September 9, 2015
Friday, 9/11
September 10, 2015


4 Rounds
4 Rolling Split Straddles
4 Quadruped Ext & rotation/ side
4 Spider Lunges w/ Reach Up on both Sides
4 Hips to Wall


Prep (12 min):
1×10 RDL w/ bar
1×5 Deadlifts (light) + 6 Step ups
1×5 Deadlifts (moderate)+ 20 Jumping Jacks
1×3 Deadlifts (just below working weight) + 4 Step Ups
1×3 Deadlifts at starting weight +4 Box Jumps

EMOM 12 Minutes (4 Rounds each)

  1. A)5 Deadlifts  (75-85% 1RM)
  2. B)10 OH Plate Situps
  3. C)15 Box Jumps (STEP DOWN ONLY)

Rest 3:00

EMOM 12 Minutes (4 Rounds each)

  1. A)10 Deadlifts  (55-65% 1RM)
  2. B)20 Flutter Kicks
  3. C)30 Double Unders

Band Hamstring series


  1. Jane says:

    First workout back from injury = felt good, but hard. Which is good!

  2. Dray says:

    I was wondering why there had been no posts while I was out of town, Jane – glad to hear you’re back, too!

    It’s hard to judge the appropriate weights to use after a long break. I think I’m going to be hurting even though I backed off a bit on what the percentages would have suggested was the correct weights a month ago. Have to push it to get in Smackdown condition, though!