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September 10, 2015
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September 11, 2015
Tall Clean Progression


The Tall Clean is a variation of the clean which focuses only on pulling into the bottom of the squat position. It is an excellent exercise for learning to pull under the clean properly, and will help to reinforce good mechanics and a vertical bar path when performing the lift.

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read the Catalyst Athletic’s Tall Clean article (from their comprehensive exercise library) and watch the included video before starting this progression (will take just a minute or two, promise!)


Mobility (10-12min)
Athletes are encouraged work through the following combination of mobility exercises to help them prepare for this week’s Open Gym progression:

3-4min Upper Back & Thoracic Spine Rolling
WATCH THIS VIDEO from Train Heroic on rolling out the upper back with a foam roller and lacrosse ball

3-4min Super Front Rack Stretch
WATCH THIS VIDEO on using a resistance band to help open up for the front rack position

3-4min Single Leg Flexion with External Rotation
WATCH THIS VIDEO from KStarr/Mobility WOD on getting opening up the hip capsule by rolling the foot onto the side in the single leg flexion

Tall Clean Progression

15-20min practice, start at Step 1, and work as far through the following steps as possible.

  1. 10 Wall Squats
    • place a two 2.5lb change plates against the base of the wall, no wider than shoulder width, and then perform an unweighted squat with your hands overhead and toes touching the outer edge of the plates
    • do not progress unless all reps are below parallel
  2. 10 Upright Clean Row w/ Barbell (M @ 45lb bar, W @ 33lb bar)
    • stand tall, and focus on pulling the elbows as high as possible, do not worry about the Bar
  3. 10 Pause Front Squats w/ Barbell (M @ 45lb bar, W @ 33lb bar)
    • hold for 3-1000 count at the bottom of each rep
  4. 5 Rack Delivery with Barbell (M @ 45lb bar, W @ 33lb bar)
    • stand tall, pull the elbows as high as possible, and at the top, pause before quickly whipping the elbows around the bar while dipping slightly to receive the bar in the front rack position
  5. 5 Tall Clean w/ Barbell (M @ 45lb bar, W @ 33lb bar)
    • stand with a clean grip on the bar and feet squat width apart (shoulder-width)
    • quickly shrug the shoulders and pull the bar up to the front rack position AS YOU DROP into the bottom of the front squat – do not use the legs at all
    • do not progress if you are unable to pull into the bottom of the squat position, OR if you jump
  6. 3 Tall Clean from toes (w/ bar, then with weight if able)
    • as above, but press up onto your toes before initiating the pull into the bottom of the squat
    • add weight as able, repeating as necessary until time is up

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