Friday, 9/25
September 24, 2015
Saturday, 9/26
September 25, 2015

Focus 1: Hollow Position, Arch Position, & Kipping
Focus 2: Pull-Ups
Workout: Pull-Ups & DB Thrusters


Pull-ups. They seem to be everywhere and in everything when it comes to CrossFit. If you don’t have them, you want them. If you do have them, you want to be better, and maybe even learn the elusive kipping pull-up. This week’s Base Camp will focus on helping you work towards both, by focusing on different ways to approach pull-ups and scaling for pull-ups (including some suggestions for Open Gym) and a little more work on developing your kip. Base Camp attendees can expect the following this weekend:

  • Pull-Up Progression: starting with Ring Rows and versions that scale-up; followed by Box Assisted Pull-Ups AND Band Assisted Pull-ups, and the differences between them; and finishing with Partial Pull-Ups from a platform (i.e., boxes, DB’s & bumper plates).
  • Practical review of the Hollow Position, the Arch Position, and their relation to Kipping on the gymnastics movements (like the Kipping Pull-Up);
  • Appropriate scaling for both strength and met-con based classes involving the Pull-Up (strict or kipping);
  • Scaling and substitution options for the class workout, including how and when to choose a scaling/sub option.

Wanna learn a little more about Strict versus Kipping Pull-Ups? Take a few minutes to read this article from T-Nation author Christian Thibaudea:

Kipping Pull-Ups: The Truth

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