Saturday, 9/26
September 25, 2015
Sunday, 9/27
September 26, 2015
OHS & Snatch-Squat-Press Progression


With 1 rep max tests of both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk just over the horizon, what better time to put in a little more dedicated effort to getting comfortable in the bottom position of the Snatch!


Athletes are encouraged work through the following combination of mobility exercises to help them prepare for this week’s Open Gym progression:

3-4min Upper Back & Thoracic Spine Rolling
WATCH THIS VIDEO from Train Heroic on rolling out the upper back with a foam roller and lacrosse ball

3-4min Band Assisted Bully Stretch
WATCH THIS VIDEO from KStar/Mobility WOD on using a resistance band to help loosen up internal rotation of the shoulder (as well as neck tension)

3-4min Single Leg Flexion with External Rotation
WATCH THIS VIDEO from KStarr/Mobility WOD on getting opening up the hip capsule by rolling the foot onto the side in the single leg flexion


OHS/Snatch-Squat-Press Progression
15-20min practice, start at Step 1, and work as far through the following steps as possible.
If you are able to OHS without issue, but need to work on catch the snatch in the squat position, you may opt to work the Snatch Balance and Squat Snatch Press instead. However, everyone should start with Step 1, regardless of which track you choose to follow.

  1. 15 OHS w/ PVC Pipe to MedBall
    • do not progress unless all reps are below parallel AND the PVC remains overhead
  2. 10 OHS w/ PVC against the wall
    • place a two 2.5lb change plates against the base of the wall, no wider than shoulder width, and then perform an OHS with your toes touching the outer edge of the plates
    • do not progress unless all reps are below parallel AND the bar does not make contact with the wall
  3. 10 OHS w/ Barbell to MedBall (M @ 45lb bar, W @ 33lb bar)
    • do not progress unless all reps are below parallel AND the bar remains overhead
  4. 5 OHS to Snatch Squat Press to OHS w/ Barbell
    • perform an OHS with the bar, hold at the bottom, lower the bar to the shoulders, press the bar back up overhead, and then stand up with the bar in the overhead position
    • do not progress unless all reps are below parallel and the arms completely lock out while in the squat position
  5. 3 reps for max weight of Snatch Squat Press (AKA Press in Snatch, Snatch Sotts Press)
    • with the bar on your back and a snatch grip on the bar, squat down, and then, without bouncing, press the bar into the overhead position for 3 reps, performing an OHS to stand up on the last rep.
    • add weight as able

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